Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swimming in Books

Whew. This summer's been a rush. This is definitely my busy season. Lots of calls, lots of appointments, and lots of furniture. Oh and I have been preparing to do a Pecha Kucha presentation for this evening and another lecture on Saturday. I've been swimming in books and notes. If you're in the area, come on over!


  1. Josh:

    Could you list some of the titles. Some are obvious, the others I couldn't read. Can't have to many books. Especially about old furniture and tools.


  2. Sure Scott,

    These pictured are the primary books I've been using. If I can discern by the picture, they are:

    Artifacts in Use - Watson
    First American Furniture Finisher's Manual -Mussey
    Recognizing styles in your Collection - Winterthur
    Furniture Treasury - Nutting
    Antique Furniture - Philp and Walkling
    Furniture - Judith Miller
    Four Centuries of American Furniture - Fitzgerald
    American Furniture - Kirk
    The Nature and art of Workmanship - Pye
    Evaluating Your Collection - Winterthur
    Fake, Fraud, or Genuine? - Kaye
    Old Ways of working wood - Bealer
    Fine Points of Furniture Early American - Sack
    The Easy Expert in Collecting and Restoring American Antiques - Marsh
    Saving Stuff - Williams
    Conservation of Furniture - Rivers and Umney

    They're all great. All for different reasons. What are some of your favorites?