Thursday, April 19, 2012

Join The Well of Knowledge!

As a member of The Professional Refinisher’s Group, I am excited to announce the unveiling of their new website… If you are a professional furniture restorer or seeking to enter the field, I highly recommend you join the “Groop”. Highly gifted and studied professionals from all around the country daily communicating to help each other… I have not found any other source this valuable. Here is an excerpt from the main page…

“This is the gathering place for professionals engaged in all aspects of the repair, refinishing, and conservation of furniture and architectural items. It is where we work to preserve and promote the many trades and skills needed to care for both historic and everyday items in a non-commercial "community" setting.
The Professional Refinisher's Group, or "Groop" as it is fondly known by the members, is an informal organization made up of restoration professionals in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

Our primary means of communication is a daily "moderated" email based exchange, where members send in questions, concerns, problems, news and views which are formed into discussion threads to which other members eagerly reply. Our email exchange is open to members only, and discussions run the gamut of issues from business development to specific restoration techniques, from new products, to obscure varieties of shellac, and from Aniline dye to Zebrawood

If you are a professional looking for colleagues who share your passion for the work, and are willing to share their knowledge, we invite you to explore our website and consider joining us.”


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