Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Age is Really a Secondary Matter

The idea which some people have- that antiques are valuable merely because of their age- is wrong. No matter how old a piece may be, it has no value unless it is of good quality. Age is really a secondary matter where antiques are concerned. Of prime consideration are the quality of the article, the design and the maker, the fineness and durability of the woods, and the mellowness imparted to them by a hundred or more years of natural wear, which no human hand can duplicate and no dyes imitate. Persons who place too much stress on the fact that their possessions are old are often greatly disappointed and unable to understand when they find that their things are valueless.

Albert Sack "Fine Points of Furniture: Early American"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Three Year Old's Toolbox

My three year old son and I have been working in the shop together on Monday nights. It has been wonderful "Papa and Eden" time. I have been teaching him basics of woodworking with hand tools. His tool collection was inherited from my grandfather, Paul Klein. It is thrilling to see him using these tools, passing on the family heritage.

Eden and I built him a toolbox so that he can haul his tools to our Monday night shop adventures. He was pretty excited about the project. One evening he exclaimed, "Papa, you gotta gwue it wit hide gwue and cwamp it a-gedder."

Music to my ears.

Salvaged pine, salvaged rope from a local fisherman, distressed National hinges, milk paint, burnt shellac, Raw Umber glaze, and Paste wax.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Glimpses into the Past Few Weeks

Thought I would just share a few glimpses into my past few weeks in the shop...

Made a shaker pegboard for my wife's birthday. Pine and maple, Milk paint, burnt shellac, asphaltum, and wax.

Side chair cleaning and waxing.

Fabricating walnut table leaves to complete the eight foot long table.

Victorian dresser restoration. Beautiful carvings, no?

Painted dresser leg repair.

Desk front drawer repair. Grafted maple, scratchstock, inpaint.

Replacing a mirror on a dresser.