Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Moment For Which I Await

After development of a condition report and treatment proposal prompting consolidation of coating and/or substrate, vacuuming, and aqueous and petroleum distillate cleaning, there are few treatments that give such instant gratification as the reclaiming of optical saturation through fresh application of a solvent release coating. The glow and gleam of a coating born anew almost smiles back with gratitude. This moment of the treatment is the one for which I await with most anticipation.


  1. Wow. I think I understood 3 words there. :) You are obviously an expert on finishing. Me, I'm more of a rub an oil finish on it kind of guy.

  2. It is quite nice to be responsible for the rebirth of a piece as it leaves your bench or the finish cures. I like to imagine my hands have worked alongside the hands of past craftsmen that labored over the same material.

    I hope your clients are similarly thrilled with the fine work you do for them.

  3. @Jamie Bacon
    Thanks for the kind words, Jamie. We all have a "thing" we do. I really admire your craft as well. Your blog is always interesting!
    Be well, friend.

  4. @Ronald Jones
    Yes, Ron. I am blessed to have clients that are thrilled with the craft and love supporting its craftsmen. Thanks for stopping by!