Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living History 1790's Style

I spent the weekend at Leonard's Mills Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley, Maine for their Living History Days. This is a weekend long reenactment of what it was like living in the 1790's. We all had period dress and worked on traditional crafts of the time. I have spent the past few years running the water-powered up-and-down sash mill. It can be seen at the Leonard's Mills Website here > Leonardsmills.com

It is virtually identical to the one in this video...

The Living History Days happens twice a year: once in summer and once in fall. It really is worth coming out for a visit. There is a horse carriage ride, blacksmith, potter, axe throwing, candle making, hide tanning, traditional fire cooking, beehive oven, traditional woodworking, and tons more. Check it out next time around!


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