Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Furniture Restoration Lecture Mp3s!

Saturday, June 18th 2011, I gave a lecture at the Blue Hill Public Library titled "Restoring Your Heirlooms: Fundamental Considerations for Furniture Restoration". The lecture was approximately two hours long with a question and answer section at the end. The turn out was respectable and the feedback seemed positive.

I thought it might be of benefit for those unable to attend to post free mp3 audio downloads on The Diary. Listed below are the files. I have broken them down into sections for the convenience of "a la carte" listeners, however, please understand that each section builds on the other so it is best to listen through them all in order.

Enjoy. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought...

To download (on PC), right click and select "Save As".

01 - Introduction 5:13

02 - Outline 9:34
03 - Terminology 5:28
04 - Value Considerations 19:26
05 - Wood and Coatings Technology 24:12
06 - Material Selection 32:10
07 - Implementation 9:16
08 - Care and Maintenance 10:26
09 - When to go to a Professional / Closing Thoughts 5:16
10 - Question and Answer 17:22

Monday, June 20, 2011

Seek Out a Few Old Things

Why do people save old things? Why do they visit historic places? Why do they buy and fix up antiques?

The fabulous American standard of living is largely based on rapid consumption of new things. Obselescence is planned and high-pressure salesmen work hard to create dissatisfaction with the old. Few urban families have lived in the same house more than ten years, and sound buildings less than fifty years old are cheerfully torn down to make room for larger and more up-to-date structures. Automobiles and TV sets barely five years old go out on the junk pile. The emphasis is on the present, and we are told that yesterday belongs to a dim and underdeveloped past.

We all seem to enjoy this transient sort of life, yet there is in every man a basic desire for stability, a subtle longing for a continuity of purpose. "This table has been in the family for five generations," someone says with pride, and in so saying salutes his ancestors. No matter how little he may actually know about them, he is fortified by the thought that they lived and worked and faced up to their problems, and that he himself is a link in a chain anchored in the past and reaching into the future.

So the pressure of everything new moves some of us to seek out a few old things, to remind us whence we have come, and to give a little aim to where we may be going.

- Moreton Marsh, The Easy Expert in Collecting and Restoring American Antiques (1959)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Class Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder...

I will be teaching a class titled "Restoring Your Heirlooms: Fundamental Considerations for Furniture Restoration" on Saturday June 18th at the Blue Hill Public Library. Class begins at 10 and goes until noon. The outline of the class is "Terminology, Value Considerations, Wood and Finish Technology, Construction and Joinery, Material Selection, Implementation, Care and Maintenance, and When to go to a professional."

Consider it an introduction to the craft that is concerned with the preservation of timeless craftsmanship and of the patina that adorns it.

Join us this Saturday. It'll be fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mahogany Chair Complete!

Just finished up this chair for a client. It had chipping faux finish and failed upholstered seat. The client wanted its natural coloring with a dark green leather seat to match a leather top desk I did. To see before and after pictures of the desk and its chair, visit my portfolio.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Non-Material Aspects

“As Barbara Appelbaum points out in her thought-provoking study, Conservation Treatment Methodology: ‘The distinction between the material and non-material aspects of an object is paralleled by the distinction between preserving the materials an object is made of and preserving the object as a whole. Unless sufficient attention is paid to the object’s non-material aspects, we may end up preserving the material but not the object’s meaning.’ In other words, the non-material aspects of an object- its story – give it certain values that are not apparent from its physical appearance.”

– Rick Vogt, A Conservation Collaboration The James Monroe Gilded Ceremonial Armchair, Antiques Magazine>