Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stickley Dining Table: Delivered!

Remnants of labels.

Deteriorated finish.

Masking off apron.

Chemical removing of failed coating.

Lacquer Thinner wash down.

Beautiful bare wood.

Color matching.

Dyeing and shellacking.

Top coating of Enduro-Var waterborne coating.

Top coated.

Final sanding for Rub-out.

Mirka Mirlon Gray synthetic Steel Wool on Felt block for "leveling".

Liberon #0000 Steel Wool and Wool Lube for final rub.

Open-pore finish in true Mission fashion.

Cleaning of apron.

Dental pick removing paint in pores.

Apron shellacked and rubbed.

Delivered and installed back onto base.


  1. Being new to your blog, I cringed when I initially saw the stripper in use, but you have done a fine and sympathetic job on the table.

  2. Thanks, Jack. This means a lot coming from such a high class craftsman as yourself. I would have the same gut reaction to chemical removing as you. In some situations, when the coating has failed and is no longer able to perform its job, refinishing is necessary. My perspective on this issue is well summarized in this article >
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Good makeover for your dining table. Very nice