Friday, April 22, 2011

Benefits of Working in Silence

Coming from the generation of the blaring radio and now the more seemingly sophisticated ear bud, I had always been one to play music while I worked. If onsite, I had ear buds. If at home, I had the stereo roaring. A most undue practice if I’ve ever known one. But since moving into my shop, I have been working in absolute silence. No one to talk with and no radio hosts barking at me. It has been entirely refreshing.

The only sounds one would hear in my shop are the occasional humming of the backsaw, the abrading of sandpaper, and other assorted hand tool tasks. The stillness in the air is deafening. I have never had a more clear and focused work scenario. To yesterday’s generation this might’ve sounded customary, but today I think I hardly know any tradesperson who doesn’t have the radio singing throughout the shop.

I am persuaded that when one views their work as craft and themselves as a craftsperson, the inescapable necessity of unswerving focus commands our acknowledgment. So let us give our craft the reverence it is due. Let us work in silence. Let us do more listening to our work than commanding of it for we still have so much to learn.

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  1. There is definitely a lot to be said for quiet in the shop. I'd like to add one of my favorite sounds, the woosh of a wooden jointer plane truing the edge of a board, to the hum of the backsaw you mentioned.