Monday, March 7, 2011

"Organic" Woodworking

"When they first started, organic farmers were ridiculed by the establishment as "mud and muck" freaks. Now, demand for their product far outstrips supply, and with farming problems as they are, I think they will have the last laugh. No one has grasped this particular nettle when it comes to woodworking. I often feel that the craftsman of today is recreating in his little heaven the very hell that the industrialists of the last century were so soundly drubbed for. Woodworkers should look anew at their hand tools. Take the meanest, rustiest plane you have. Clean it, grind and sharpen the blade like a razor, and then set it up. Now with the plane set very fine, run it over a scrap of oak. Hear the sound it makes, and feel the perfect finish. What a thrill!

I have worked with machines in other people's employ. I have owned some machines myself. Years ago, I examined what I was doing and went organic. I haven't regretted it once. It was a renewal of my love affair with wood. We must do our best to turn things around. We must educate ourselves and our customers to realize what quality really means, quality in making, quality in design, and finally, quality in life."

-John Brown, Welsh Chairmaker, November 1997

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  1. Hi Josh, Seth here. I'm enjoying your blog, and this post in particular.