Friday, February 25, 2011

Like a Hand Held Out for Shaking

1 20110224 done

2/24/11 Finished shop sign today. Having never made such a thing before, I had to come up with the most straightforward way to transfer the layout. Designed on the computer, I printed each letter the appropriate size. Once all the letters were cut out, I traced them in place onto the primed panel. From there, it was just paint by number. (It’s pretty easy when you only have one color.) Just stay in the lines. Took a bit longer than expected, but well worth the effort. Dark “cottage red” gloss and “nu-white” matte on plywood. Happy with results. Simple, yet respectable. Hand painted signs are such a beautiful thing. It’s like a look back into the trade world of yesterday. No large banners, super bowl ads or custom coffee mugs here. Just a simple painted sign like hand held out for shaking, “Welcome to the shop. We’d love to have you in.”

2 20110224 paper

3 20110224 letters

4 20110224 paint

5 20110224 layout

6 20110224 tracing

7 20110224 painting E

8 20110224 brush

9 20110224 painting KLEIN

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